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President of the Lacrosse Board:  Pat Greene   
Program Liaison:  Dave Rounds                           
Treasurer and Business Manager:  Jay Gustafson
Program Clothes/Registration:  Eric Bettinger    

Vice- Presidents: Mike Nevins                                
                  Bruce Oliver                                     

Vice-President and Secretary: Dave Morrell         
Webmaster :   Deb Conroy                                      
We are a member of the Adirondack Chapter
of US Lacrosse.  To play, practice or scrimmage
with the Bethlehem Lacrosse Club you must
join US Lacrosse.  Include our # 2185885.
Contact Us
ORGANIZATION        NAME                  HOME #        MOBILE        2009 CDYLL ROLE           E-MAIL ADDRESS
Bethlehem                 Dave Rounds    272-7283     505-5372     Program Liason   
Bethlehem           Jay Gustafson         439-5906      364-6570                                   
Send Checks to:
Jay Gustafson, c/o
Bethlehem Lacrosse Club
12 Muterfield Ct.
Slingerlands, NY 12159
Bethlehem-Orange   Mike Nevins     439-7501        209-5951        Coach             
Bethlehem-Orange   Bruce Oliver     478-0834        788-0917        Coach             
Bethlehem-Black     Dave Morrell    475-1799        845-341-7425  Coach             
Bethlehem-White     Eric Bettinger     439-1647        339-3416    Coach                  
Bethlehem-White     Tom Owens        472-0461        505-3600    Assistant Coach
Bethlehem-White     Andrew Halliday  439-1154        281-0871   Assistant Coach
Bethlehem-Orange    Pat Greene         475-0735        573-9996        Coach             
Bethlehem-Orange   Jim  Barriere       475-7965        207-6685        Coach             
Bethlehem-Orange    Ed Woods            475-9205        852-1477        Coach